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Capt Casey & Capt Mike have seen charter boat Capt.'s and mates come & go. "The clueless ones and the ones who don't care."

"We take extra care when it comes to families. Extra patience and extra time to help the kids catch fish. We run a family friendly boat and try and treat our customers as we would want to be treated."

They understand that it takes the right attitude to turn clients into friends and keep them coming back fishing year after year. "You can catch a lot of fish and not have any fun, or you can have a slow day of fishing and still have a great day on the water. It's all about the crew's attitude, the customer's attitude and the mutual desire to catch some fish and have a blast doing it.

We want to have a great day of fishing and show our customers a fun filled day of fishing and action. We like the folks that are serious about learning how to catch these fish properly and are willing to learn the proper techniques to make them a more consistent angler.

"We like to have a good time with our clients. Show them a good time while they kick back and enjoy themselves with a professional crew that wants to catch fish. Have a beer (or a Gatoraid), catch some fish and have a great day (or 2 days) away from work, telephones, cars, concrete and people.

We like the people understand fishing and that have the right attitude. Once we see what they are made of and that we like them, its no holds barred! Not necessarily expert fisherman, just good people that want to have a great time.

No slobbering drunks, no know it all's and no negative attitudes. (Leave those people back home)

Just the good folks that want to get away for a fishing adventure on a damn good boat and a crew that can get the job done.

We are going to coach, instruct, and work with you to help you maximize your chances of catching some nice fish and maybe that once in a lifetime monster trophy fish, as well as becoming a more consistent angler.

We will put you We will put you on the fish, provide you with the right tackle and the knowhow, all you have to do is listen, learn, fish your butt off and have fun!

Should I be scared?


210 Hwy 98 Destin, Fl

538 Hwy 98 Destin, FL

Call Now (850) 837-9401
Capt Casey & Capt Mike

Fish N Fool & Lady Em dock out of the Destin Harbor. If you are staying at the Emerald Grande or, near Sandestin, Seaside, Grayton Beach, and Silver Shells Sterling Resorts, you will be departing for your fishing charter out of Destin, Fl on the Destin Harbor Boardwalk.