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Capt Casey & Capt Mike have seen charter boat Capt.'s and mates come & go. "The clueless ones and the ones who don't care."

The folks that fish with us year after year are people who enjoy getting away from it all and spending a day fishing on a nice charter boat and having a good time. They want a shot at some quality fish and want a good boat and a professional crew to help them make it happen as well as have a good time.

If the only thing that is important to you is how many tons of fish you can put on the dock, then you are probably not our kind of customer.

Some of our clients are families and friends who plan all year to come to Destin and deep sea fish once or twice. They usually plan their trip around the time of year they want to fish.

Other folks are business people bringing down their best clients for a getaway weekend of fishing and golfing. They like to fish with us because they know we are going to go the extra mile for their clients and make them look good in the process.

We enjoy seeing our customers year after year. We have customers whose children have grown up fishing with us. It's a great feeling to see or hear from folks that have been fishing with you for 8 or 10 years. It lets us know we are doing something right.

To know that you are an important part of your client’s vacation and that they would not come to Destin without fishing with you is a great thing.

It's like fishing with old friends.

Please feel free to read the testimonials from some of our clients and see some of their catches that they have brought to the dock, here on the Destin Harbor.


210 Hwy 98 Destin, Fl

538 Hwy 98 Destin, FL

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Capt Casey & Capt Mike

Fish N Fool & Lady Em dock out of the Destin Harbor. If you are staying at the Emerald Grande or, near Sandestin, Seaside, Grayton Beach, and Silver Shells Sterling Resorts, you will be departing for your fishing charter out of Destin, Fl on the Destin Harbor Boardwalk.