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Do you do shorter trips?

Yes we do and we do a lot of them during spring break and the summer months.

In fact during certain times of the summer we do lots of shorter family and convention trips. Typically if we are doing ½ day trips, we will do 2 of them back to back the same day. We put as much work and effort into making a ½ day trip great as we do a longer trip. We definitely enjoy making a special trip for the kids. They are our future anglers. We are just limited to some degree in where we can go and what we can catch.

For more information on ½ day trips and family groups with lots of people and/or kids, please check out WWW.FISHDESTIN.COM and for real big families that need a really big boat, go check out Capt Mike on the LADY EM. WWW.FISHINGINDESTIN.COM

There we can help you determine what is best for your group and get you booked on the right trip on the right boat. For tons of info and how to make reservations for:

- ½ day company getaways
- Family trips
- Big groups

210 Hwy 98 Destin, Fl

538 Hwy 98 Destin, FL

Call Now (850) 837-9401
Capt Casey & Capt Mike

Fish N Fool & Lady Em dock out of the Destin Harbor. If you are staying at the Emerald Grande or, near Sandestin, Seaside, Grayton Beach, and Silver Shells Sterling Resorts, you will be departing for your fishing charter out of Destin, Fl on the Destin Harbor Boardwalk.